Business & Trade: Talkback Plus

Pass your business account benefits on to your staff with Talkback Plus!

What is Talkback Plus?

Talkback Plus is a premium, member-only service for staff and friends & family of Talkback Plus registered business account holders. Members receive special benefits that are not otherwise available to the general public. 

Who is eligible for Talkback Plus?
Talkback Plus is a nationwide scheme offered to select businesses and organisations & their staff and employees. If your company is registered for Talkback Plus and offers staff benefits, you and your friends can access this service.

You can redeem your Talkback Plus benefits online or in-store with your unique company code or proof of employment.

The account is held by the business/organisation, but is open for use to all its employees. We do not offer personal Talkback Plus accounts. 

Talkback Plus members receive the following benefits:
- Significantly discounted iPhone repair & iPad repair prices
- Priority service and ultra-fast turnaround
- Express mail-in service & free return delivery
- Extended 12 month warranty on most repairs
- Easy & cost-effective postage options

Get Started
You'll need to register your business or organisation as a Business Account first, if you haven't already. You can then apply to have your account upgraded to Talkback Plus.
Note: Not all companies are eligible for Talkback Plus membership.

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