Technology is a vital part of nearly every business and its operations. We've been supplying and trading with other businesses for more than 25 years. In that time we've learnt a thing or two about providing the best value service to our corporate customers. 

We have a clear and honest philosophy for dealing business to business, focused around providing consistent quality, quick service and straightforward communication. Personal & Professional.

We keep it simple and we focus on what we do, and how we can actually help provide our corporate customers some value. 

Corporate Accounts
Set up an account with Talkback Comms to receive discounted prices & priority service on supplying and repairing company phones, tablets & accessories. 

Talkback Plus
Some companies are eligible for Talkback Plus. Talkback Plus registered organisations receive discounted repair prices & priority service for all staff, friends & family. Talkback Plus is invitation only.

Here's some more information on what we can offer our corporate account holders...

Talkback Comms specialises in mobile phone and tablet repairs. We work with small and large accounts. Whether you have 1 or 1000 company phones, we can handle all your hardware and software repairs. We keep things simple. And we focus on providing a flexible service to meet your needs.  

We know that good communication is essential. We offer a personal but professional service. You'll be kept up to date with exactly what's happening with your devices at all times, and you'll always be able to get hold of the same person, who will clear up any issues or queries for you immediately.   

Choose how and when you send your hardware. Devices can be posted to us, dropped in and collected from our offices, or we can arrange a courier collection from your address. 

We can repair almost any damage or fault. All of our work is carried out with care by skilled technicians. We use high quality replacement components, and warrant all of our work. We'll inspect, test and quote for devices sent to us before carrying out any work. We provide honest advice on what the best course of action would be on a device-by-device basis, based on your needs. 

We prioritise getting things done. No matter how many devices you send us, you can expect a quick turnaround.

Talkback Comms is a large-scale distributor of pre-owned & refurbished mobile phones & tablets. We don't deal with the networks. We source bulk quantities of used devices from mobile phone recycling companies across the UK. We supply both small & large organisations with pre-owned & refurbished devices. This is what we specialise in. We don't supply new devices or contracts. This is the best option for some businesses, but you can talk to us about whether its right for yours.   

Each device has its own full warranty period. Talkback Comms will always repair or replace a faulty device. We are a repair centre, so if you do damage or break a device, we can put it right for you.

All devices are thoroughly hand tested and inspected to ensure that they're in full working order. We consider this very important, but know that most companies do not perform these tests. All devices are reset and ready to use. Pre-owned mobile phones are ready to be used on any network at any time, through a SIM-only contract or with Pay As You Go SIM Card (which we can also provide). 

We offer different prices based on cosmetic condition, which allows you to opt for perfect condition handsets or keep to a budget.

As always, we're flexible around your needs. As a corporate customer, you can expect tailor-made orders based on specifically what you need. We can handle and put together orders from 1 - 100 iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Lumias and more. We can supply protective cases, screen protectors and accessories with devices if required. We can also fit new batteries, screens, or anything else you need to get exactly what you require.  

Whilst we do stock a large range of devices in stock at any given time, most of our orders are made to order. We have fast access to large quantities of just about anything you should need. You can expect clear communication when it comes to placing orders, as well as open price negotiations, good payments and account management, and prompt delivery with tracking updates.

If you're unsure about the best option for your business, speak to us. We're objective and unbiased when it comes to discussion and advice. 

We stock and supply a range of accessories. We can supply phone & tablet cases, glass screen protectors, charging cables & plugs, memory cards, earphones and more. 

We want our customers to receive a quality service with quality products. Low cost items are still fully warranted. We'll sort out any faults, damage or quality issues, just let us know.  

We can fulfill any size order quickly and we always charge a competitive, negotiable rate. 
Start working with Talkback Comms today
If you'd like to start using us or try it out, let us know. We can set up an account to start working business to business with you immediately. You can expect quality products, priority service and life-long support.
If you think we might be able to work together, but want to know more, ask us some questions.  

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