What is Grade?

Our grading system defines the cosmetic appearance of the device and is as follows:

Brand New
The device has never been used before.

Grade A
The device is like new, meaning it is Pre-Owned but in immaculate condition. The device may have been refurbished with new front and/or back panels, but either way
 is in all-round pristine condition. Ideal for those seeking top quality at a greatly reduced price.

Grade B
The device shows some minor signs of use. This may include some light scratches and scuffs on the screen and back as well as around the mid-frame. Ideal for those looking for great value coupled with great condition. Best seller! 

Grade C
The device shows moderate to heavy signs of use. This may include scratches and scuffs on the screen and back as well as around the mid-frame; but no cracks or performance issues. Ideal for the budget-conscious shopper; a bit more scratched but so cheap! 

The device you receive will be fully tested and in perfect working order, with a new battery fitted for good measure. 

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