Why Buy Pre-Owned?

Technological advances & innovation have enabled the evolution of ever-improving phones with entertaining & useful features, but an an ever-increasing cost to the consumer. However, by buying one of our pre-owned devices, you'll be able to enjoy the use of all these features at a significantly lower price! What's more, a new phone soon looks the very same as one of our reconditioned devices, the only difference being the £100+ saving you made by shopping smart!  

Your refurbished device will be in fully tested and in perfect working order before being sent out. We even replace the battery so that it lasts as long as a new phone. Our 36 point check list assures your device has the same functionality as a brand new handset would. This includes testing the buttons, signal, making calls, searching for cracks and much more. We even replace the batteries so your phone will have a new lease of life!

What's more is that all devices are SIM-free unlocked, so you're not roped into any expensive two year contracts!

We are pre-loved Apple & Samsung specialists and this is what we do every day. We encourage you to try our services, because we know you'll be pleased with your purchase. 

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