2019 Sales & Repair Stats

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The Samsung S10 topped most tech sites phone of the year, and we have to agree. Samsung also continue to dominate Europe, with 7 devices in the top 10 best-selling models across the Continent! However, this doesn't account for Q4 sales, which haven't been published and verified yet. We expect the iPhone XR to climb the list.

The A50 performed exceptionally well - which isn't surprising considering it has top-tier specs and can be bought for around £300.

Apple continue to announce mind-blowing revenue and profits (over $240 billion and $45 billion respectively for the year), and also continue to dominate Portishead - where we repair and sell over 5x the number of Apple devices than anything else!

We got to know the iPhone 6S well this year, with it being the most repaired device, our best seller, and most frequent device sold to us by our customers! The iPhone 7 has become the most common device bought, sold and repaired in recent months.

Samsung screen replacements have increased this year, partly thanks to a couple of our corporate customers that keep us busy with broken S8's - Back Glass Replacements were just outside the top 10.

Our first Huawei repair was completed in May 2013, and we've seen steady growth since, with Huawei screen repairs finally becoming a regular occurrence this year.

Screen & battery replacements continue to keep us busy, with well over 1000 of each being completed this year for walk-in customers alone.

Did you know that Brits spend almost £700 million per year getting their devices repaired!
A shout out to our best local customers; including one lady who visited us 10 times; 5 of which for a screen replacement; and one gentleman who purchased 5 devices from us!

Here's to another year 🍻

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