Introducing TechWrap by Talkback Comms


Can't find a good screen protector for your device? Does your phone looks like every one else's? Or maybe you want to protect your device without putting it in a case?

First world problems be gone 💥

We create high quality screen guards & skins for phones, tablets or smartwatches. These are freshly printed, cut & fit in-store, so we can wrap any device from edge-to-edge!

We use robust, durable TPU for clear protectors, which doesn't crack or degrade like a regular screen protector.

Unique and custom designs - We offer a range of ultra-thin, sleek vinyl skins that add a touch of class to your device.


Clear Shield for Mobile Phone: £12.00

Skin for Mobile Phone: £15.00

Clear Shield & Skin for Mobile Phone: £25.00

Clear Shield for Tablet: £16.00

Clear Shield for Smartwatch: £12.00

Available in-store