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When you first unwrapped and switched on your device, you were awestruck by how sleek it looked, how fast it was, and how much better the camera, display and battery life were...

But this joy was short-lived when the screen cracked, the back got scratched, the battery was suddenly draining and apps started crashing.

At this point you're already being bombarded left, right and centre with constant reminders and promises that the brand-new (and basically identical) model will solve all your life's problems for the very reasonable price of just one arm and a leg.

We're here to save you the hassle and the money.

With our experience, plus a fully equipped repair centre & retail shop, armed with thousands of pounds worth of tools and gadgets, we might just be better positioned to handle your tech needs than a pop-up shop, an eBay seller, or your Uncle Mike that used to work in IT and watches phone repair tutorials on YouTube.     

Raising The Standard

Our industry is enormous and ever-growing. Yet it's lacks on so many levels; which is unforgivable; given how important our devices are to us.  

We've all experienced or witnessed it: hidden costs, pushy sales, misinformation about parts and products, devices that stop working within days, repair jobs that look like they were done by an impatient toddler... The list goes on. 

It's unprofessional. It's uninspired. It's why people don't trust the industry.  

Why should consumers have to choose between a shoddy product and service, or being charged an absolute fortune by the big brands?

That's what we're here to identify and fix. We're working hard every day to surpass and advance the industry standard - because actually, buying, selling or repairing your device should be an affordable, stress-free process. 

Our Story

We, like most people, have become voluntary slaves to our precious phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and so on. 

We can't go a day without them. We can't remember life before them

The first iPhone was released in 2007

We jumped on the bandwagon, of course. We didn't camp outside the Apple store for 10 days. But we happily joined the 6.1 million people that could justify the £269 price tag to upgrade their Moto Razr or BlackBerry Curve. 

And It was great! For a while... Until, inevitably, it broke.

It took quite a few phones in the bin and money down the drain through some smashed screens and the occasional swim in the toilet before we asked ourselves, "Do we really need to chuck it away and buy a new one every time it breaks? These are cool but they're not exactly designed to last..." 

We spotted a market that was generally under-serviced. But the potential and necessity for more, professional businesses to enter the space was increasing... Rapidly. 

And thus we quickly shifted from the dull world of telecoms solutions to the then-small and niche market of phone repair; before later expanding in to the repair, service and sale of various smart devices and tech. We also hit the refurbished tech and re-sale market right at its inception.

Since then, we've completed tens of thousands of repairs and sold tens of thousands of devices across 10 countries - We were at one point one of the largest sellers of pre-owned smartphones on Amazon UK! We've gone from a few slow and painful iPhone 3GS screen replacements on a kitchen table, to completing large orders for and working with national companies, local schools, the council, the police force, and thousands of customers, from our very own modern repair centre & retail shop!

We originally had a couple of stores in Newport, South Wales, where we were teamed up with Cellnet (now O2), One2One (now T-Mobile), and Vodafone. 

It was many years later that we re-located to Portishead to pursue a new venture.

Our Philosophy 

We are focused on providing as much value as we can to our team, our customers and our community. We want to play our small part in a vital, exciting and ever-changing industry. We will develop our skills and put them to use in service of something bigger than ourselves. We're going to enjoy the process.

We have a walk-in repair centre and retail shop in Portishead, near Bristol.

We do repairs here, and we stock an array of high-quality products, accessories and essentials, including smartphones, basic mobiles, SIM cards, cases, chargers, storage devices, car mounts, audio accessories and more.
We're situated on the balcony, which is on the left as you drive in. 
Parking is free. We have a lift for disabled access.

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 Our Services

We sell a variety of devices including pre-owned and refurbished iPhones, iPads and Samsungs.
We buy phones & tablets, whether they're new, used, working, damaged or faulty.

We have a fully equipped repair centre, where we repair phones, tablets, laptops & more every day


Community & Sponsorship

Life isn't a zero-sum game, and business shouldn't be either. 

Here are some of the great people and organisations that we proudly endorse, support and work with:

See what we're doing to engage with and support the community, other people, businesses and charities...

Business & Trade

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We've been working with businesses of all types and sizes since the 80's. We keep it simple. We'll focus on what we do, and how we can actually help provide you and your business some value. 

Get your devices repaired, purchase phones, tablets or accessories for your business...

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Be sure to check out our FAQ, which has a ton of information on our services and answers to all our most common enquiries.  

We're here to help everyone - tech-wiz or technophobe - get the most out of their devices!

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