COVID-19: Statement & Updates

We are continuing to operate and provide our services as safely as possible.

Bookings no longer required - Read more here.

Update 24/08/2020 - 
We have removed our dedicated booking form for repairs, services, deliveries and appointments, as we have decided that it is no longer required

Update 02/06/2020 - We have resumed normal shop opening times, which you can find here. We are still dealing with customers through our window, rather than in the shop.

Update 18/05/2020 - Lockdown restrictions are being eased: 

Update 10/04/2020 - Working over Easter:

Update 09/04/2020 - Payment methods: 

Update 03/04/2020 - The importance of innovation and how you can help us improve:

Update 27/03/2020 - Things are going well and we're keeping busy:

Update 24/03/2020 (2) - How we will operate going forward:

Update 24/03/2020 - 
Partial lock down announced. Bear with us: 

Update 23/03/2020 - Prepare for lock down, drop off/collect your device ASAP: 

Update 19/03/2020 - New measures to help in the community:

Update 17/03/2020 - Apple stores closed for 2 weeks:

Company Statement 15/03/2020
The human species is under attack from COVID-19, and it won’t negotiate with anyone. A cooperative communal, national and global effort is required to combat this issue.

Just as one might take shelter from the winds of a hurricane, people must ride out an invisible storm of parasites from behind closed windows, watching an otherwise normal Earth carry on without them. 

It is clear that this issue is to be taken very seriously. Precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of the public, whilst minimising disruption to our daily lives where possible.

The next phases of the outbreak are profoundly uncertain. We think the best course of action for people is to be optimistic, sensible and considerate, and to stay informed via the news to help plan and prepare based on their individual circumstances. 

Having spoken to people and other local businesses, it's clear that the potential long-term social and economic costs are concerning but unclear. 

What action are we taking at Talkback Comms

We have been planning for this since January, and are taking the situation seriously.

The shop is remaining open as usual, and our operations will continue as usual until further notice.

Any updates regarding our opening times or change to procedures will be posted on here and on our social media pages.

The health of our staff, families and wider public is our highest priority. We ask that anyone with the virus, anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms or anyone that has been in close contact with someone with the virus please refrain from visiting our shop, and is strongly advised to avoid contact with the public unless absolutely necessary. 

We are disinfecting all devices that enter our store, as well as thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, amongst other general hygiene and cleanliness measures.

We are maintaining sufficient stock levels for repair parts by working with our suppliers to negate the market shortage as a result of the disruption to manufacturing in China. 

We won't be increasing prices of any of our products or services, despite a slight increase in costs due to a decrease in global supply.

We have measures in place should we be forced to close the shop. We can still offer a repair service via our mail-in service, local collection & delivery etc. We will endeavour to provide the best possible service as we understand that we have an important roll within the community and people need their devices.

We ask that customers and suppliers proactively communicate with us through this time. You can reach us at any time here.


Let's pull together and get back to normal as soon as possible!