Happy Independence Day!

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It's July 4th, AKA independence day by our American comrades.

225 years ago, the US signed the declaration of independence, meaning that they were no longer subject to British rule, and were instead free to operate as 13 independent sovereign states.

56 people signed the document - most famously John Hancock - who signed his name very prominently to be sure that King George III could read it. John Hancock became an eponym for a signature, which is why people will sometimes ask for your John Hancock - in case that ever left you confused, now you know.

It's a federal holiday - similar to a bank holiday - so most Americans will be celebrating the anniversary of their victory over the British monarchy by eating hot dogs and watching fireworks.

In completely unrelated news, we've been working on an iPhone 11 which was destroyed in an unfortunate accident. This has been fully refurbished and is quite literally good as new.

Sorted same-day, at less than half the cost of a replacement device, with the customers valuable data and photos safely recovered.

Now that's a satisfying job well done. Time for a hot dog.

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