5G: The Promised Land

by George Lovell | | 0 comments

A big step in the journey to 5G... Huawei infrastructure in on its way.

Huawei will still be banned from the core of our 5G infrastructure and from operating at sensitive sites sites such as nuclear and military facilities. Their market share will also be capped at 35%. Lifting the ban will speed up 5G roll out and strengthen the network overall, by giving the whole country access to world-leading technology.

Its also good for the market, which thrives under competitive circumstances. This will lead to greater innovation and reduced cost to consumers in the long run.

However, this will no doubt have an impact on UK-US trade relations. The US have banned Huawei networks entirely, and suggested that their allies do the same. This unfortunately coincides with post-brexit negotiations, in which the UK try to secure a good trade deal with the US going forward. Now we just wait to see how Trump retaliates.

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