Black Friday Edges Closer

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What with just one week until Black Friday and just over a month until Christmas, we expect to see shops slashing prices and goods flying out the doors as usual, and none more so than in the technology industry where savings of £50+ will be made on tablets, TV’s & more. Its estimated that last year, The Black Friday & Cyber Monday periods saw household & technology sales quadruple; yes literally four times as many household & technology products than usual were sold on these days.

Whilst we probably most associate Black Friday with the idea of hundreds of people crawling up and down aisle after aisle of large department stores, it appears that more and more people are taking advantage of online shopping to satisfy their bargain-hunting temperament; with over a quarter of total spending during this period occurring online.

Why this Friday in particular?
Black Friday is typically an American ‘holiday’, as it occurs the day after thanksgiving, where most people will consequently take the following day off; seemingly to go shopping. The massive footfall during this period led to businesses fiercely competing for sales by slashing prices, opening at 4AM and so on. This whole occasion got its official title back in 1961 in Philadelphia, USA. This day not surprisingly ties in with many peoples pre-Christmas pay cheques, & suggests that a majority of the population uses this period to do their Christmas shopping, which perhaps helps explain why this trend now occurs worldwide where thanksgiving does not exist.
Cyber Monday did not come into existence until 2005, and was merely a marketing term used to encourage consumers to shop online. This of course worked, as online businesses promoted their products & cut their prices, leading to what is now the single biggest day of the year for online shopping in terms of number of sales and total money spent.

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However you decide to spend the coming weekend, we wish you the best, thanks for reading,
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