Battery replacements are quick and painless

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Phone batteries degrade over time - even if you don't use them. To extend the life of any smart device, the battery will need to be replaced at some point.

When should you get your battery replaced?

On iPhone's, you can view your battery health in Settings. The percentage given is a measurement of the batteries actual capacity versus it's design capacity. Older iPhones start to struggle at around 85%. iPhone X and above can usually survive into the high 70's. Generally, the capacity decreases linearly, but in the case of a faulty battery, it can drop off drastically - we have seen batteries at 1% on a few occasions.

It's worth noting that the battery health data in iOS is not always accurate. We use an alternative software program, and a physical battery programmer to check capacity.

We usually advise customers to get their battery replaced if they cannot get a days use out of it. If you unplug your phone when you get up in the morning, you shouldn't have to charge it again until you go to bed in the evening.

Heavy use - hours of GPS navigation or video streaming - will drain the battery significantly. 16 hours of regular use should suffice though.

If you have a high-spec phone, that is less than two years old, then you'll know the joy and peace of mind that comes with a battery that lasts for two days.

When battery capacity drops, it can cause performance issues. The battery cannot provide adequate voltage to components like the CPU. Therefore, the device will employ "dynamic frequency scaling" - otherwise known as "CPU throttling". This slows down the device to conserve energy and prevent shutdowns. This might explain why your device feels more quick and responsive when it's plugged in to charge.

If your battery is damaged or defective, it can bloat, and push the screen out of the housing. This is a hazard - the battery can crack the screen, or even explode. It will also discharge extremely quickly.

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