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It more recently came to our attention that each and every one of our customers has different preferences when it comes to buying a phone. Every person values certain things differently. For this reason, we now offer more options to our customers so that they can make the purchase that’s best for them.

Product Variants 
We display a base price for all of our devices. This is the absolute lowest price that the product can be purchased for at that particular date. For example, see the Refurbished iPhone 5 16GB listing:

This product starts at £149.
This price includes the following:
- Pre-Owned iPhone 5 16GB, Unlocked, Grade C Condition, with a new battery fitted
- Standard Presentation Box
- Lighting USB Cable
- Clear Bumper Case
- 6 Months Warranty

From here, we offer additional items & add-ons. First off, Condition. A grade C device will show signs of wear, such as scratches & scuffs round the back panel, mid-frame and screen. A grade B device will show very minor signs of wear, such as light scratches on the back panel. A grade A device however, is a fully refurbished handset that has little to no signs of wear and no damage. The price of the handset increases in £20 increments (PIC)

Our standard presentation is perfect for keeping the iPhone, but we also offer full Apple boxes for an additional £20. These boxes will also contain a plug, USB Cable & generic headphones as appose to the standard box which will only contain a USB Cable. The Apple box is perfect for presenting the device as a gift.

Our 6 month warranty covers all manufacturing defects during this period. The warranty is voided if the device is physically damaged or liquid damaged. Whilst we give 6 months warranty as standard on our devices we offer a 12 month extended warranty for extra peace of mind at a cost of just £25. Perfect if you’d prefer the extra 6 months cover.

Each of our devices will be supplied with a clear bumper case to offer additional protection against damage. However, if you purchase a phone from us in-store, you can choose a case from our selection and have a tempered glass screen protector fitted to the screen for just £10. (Please note that this option is not available for our online customers)

Remember that all of our Brand New Devices are a standard price with no variants and include 12 months warranty with the manufacturer.

Choosing a Grade
It may be difficult to decide on which condition to choose when buying a phone. Our grading process is based entirely on the cosmetic condition of the phone, as they are all fully tested and in full working order before being listed for sale. We clean and inspect the phone after testing in order to assess which grade to assign it. Grade C is perfect if you’re looking to make a big saving and not too concerned with condition of the phone. Grade A is suitable if you’re looking for a pristine device whilst still making a great saving against buying new. The Grade B device sits between the two in terms of both quality and price, perhaps making it the best value option for most; seeing as it is our best seller year-on-year.

Stocks & Stockings
We carry all of our devices in stock, in each colour, capacity and condition throughout the year. It is possible however that certain products will not be available at certain times depending on deliveries, demand & sales. If this is the case, then we would be happy to contact you once we have that particular device in stock & reserve one for you. With New & Refurbished iPhones proving to be very popular during the lead-up to Christmas, we will not be able to fully replenish all stocks until January.

It has been a fantastic month for us so far, in which we have seen record sales on our Brand New devices in the UK, France & Spain and agreed a sponsorship deal with racer Paco Castagna which you can read about here. We thank all of our customers that have helped make this such a fantastic month so far.

As always; keep up to date on Facebook & Twitter, and we’ll see you again soon.

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