A Tragic Tale

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Take a look at this awfully sad phone. Once a king, now a mere peasant. Fallen from grace, never again will it rise to such prestige, or be held with any admiration.

This is what happens when you insert a SIM card without the SIM tray.

The card was jammed inside the SIM reader. We opened the device and carefully extracted the SIM card. Upon inspection, it was clear that the SIM reader was damaged.

It looks like it would be difficult to replace. The reader is soldered on to a dual-layer board, which would have to be split to access. But needs must.

Now there's a bigger problem. Unfortunately there are no replacement SIM readers available for this model - even in China. SIM reader replacements are not a common repair, and this is not a common device. In these cases, it's unlikely that anyone will manufacture the spare component that we need.

That's a £950.00 phone, less than 3 months old, that our customer has to discard and replace. Moment of silence please.

This is a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Perhaps the most stylish phone we've ever seen. It's certainly not the most powerful device on the market. The seamless, folding design brings with it some limitations, which result in reduced battery life and camera quality - when compared to other premium models.

Still, very impressive engineering. Cutting-edge innovation and design. Alas, defeated by a SIM card.

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