When will we see an iPad with an OLED screen?

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Love replacing Air 4 screens.

It's a really quick, easy and satisfying repair.

The Air 4 has a 10.9" Liquid Retina display.

It is rumoured that Apple will release an iPad with an OLED screen soon. Currently, the higher quality OLED technology is only available in their smartwatches and select iPhones.

The iPad Air 5 was expected to have an OLED screen. Apple employed the help of Samsung, who were going to manufacture the screens for the Air 5.

This was called off for two reasons:

> Apple were not satisfied with the quality of the final product, stating that the single-stack LED structure provided by Samsung was insufficient in terms of brightness and durability.

> Samsung were unable to gauge how long the Air 5 model would be sold for. If Apple decided to discontinue the product relatively soon after release, then Samsung would risk accruing greater manufacturing costs than revenue.

Ultimately, both companies had key factors outside of their control.

OLED screens provide improved brightness, higher contrast, deeper blacks, and wider viewing angles than LCD screens. OLED is superior technology, but it is expensive to produce - especially on larger devices like tablets.

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