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Since the release of the first camera phone in 2000, our phone cameras have evolved to the point where you don't need a dedicated digital camera or any photography skills to take fantastic shots. All top-end smartphones on the market have a perfectly capable camera, but understanding what the specs mean can help us understand the differences between devices.

Megapixel - The only spec most people look at or seem to care about. A single megapixel equals one million pixels. Generally, more megapixels means a better quality image, but can actually lead to a poorer quality image if the sensor size is the same, because pixels have to be smaller to fit in. We saw this with the Samsung S6 which boasted a 16MP camera, whilst the S7, S8 and S9 had 12MP cameras, but took significantly better photos due to the increased sensor size.
At one point, it seemed like more of a marketing ploy - where manufacturers could convince consumers to upgrade their devices by continually increasing their megapixel specs.
The megapixel reading is however a very important spec and indicator of your ability to maintain quality whilst blowing up photos for printing.
The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and upcoming Samsung S20 boast impressive 108MP main cameras.

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Photo Credit: Martin Waters - Amazing photographer from Portishead.

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