Don't look back in anger

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Ever read that one text or post that really rubs you up the wrong way? Yeah, so you may or may not be surprised at how often people throw their phones in anger.

Really often. Like, 3 or 4 per week they come through our shop.

When frustration builds up, it momentarily feels good to release it with a burst of aggression or violence. We express our anger by lashing out at physical items.

Problem is, your phone is almost always in your hand or is the closest thing to you.

This problem isn't limited to the modern age. Watch a movie from any time period and you'll see people slamming their old landline receivers or snapping a flip phone shut.

If you are one of these people, here's some practical and professional advice from the Talkback team.

You may feel guilty or embarrassed. And you'll almost certainly regret breaking it when you have to shell out £100+ on repairs. But take solace in the knowledge that millions of others have made the same mistake.

Sometimes your phone can be like a tyrant controlling your brain; your mood; your life; and smashing it into a million pieces is the only way to free yourself from it's grasp. If you feel like this, consider unplugging from social media for a while.

If you need to express your pent up frustration, try breath work, martial arts, or vigorous exercise.

If you feel the need to throw something, perhaps reach for a less valuable item, such as a mug or TV controller.

If you have just received the most ridiculous and infuriating text from your significant other, try launching your phone into your bed, sofa or other soft surface. This can be just as satisfying as bouncing it off the wall, and it won't cost you any money.

If it all goes out the window (literally or figuratively), then you can utilise our express repair service to get your device back up and running.

Thanks for reading!

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Emmanuel Flowers

Emmanuel Flowers

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