Another Nail In The Coffin For Right To Repair...

by George Lovell | | 0 comments

Apple have really upped their money-grabbing business malpractice this year, and they're back at it again 😡

A recent teardown shows that the new iPhone 12 camera module is paired to the logic board, meaning it cannot be replaced when damaged or faulty - which will be a common occurrence due to their fragile design.

Yet again, the giant manufacturer attempts to drive independent repair out of the market, and what was once a £30.00 repair, is now an £800.00 replacement phone.

This highlights the importance of the right to repair movement. It seems that consumers no longer own the electronic products that they buy, and are merely leasing it for an excessive price.

Taking the fight to giant corporations is always an uphill struggle, especially when that corporation is perhaps the largest and most powerful of them all 😪

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