Automation and artificial intelligence have and will continue to make many jobs redundant...

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but adoption of technology also creates tons of new roles.

It's cool to see a lot of new and creative job titles emerging in a tech-driven economy.

Some of which that we've seen:
> Decision Scientist
> Cyber Pain Management Adviser
> Lead Code Wizard

Using a more creative job title can act as a daily reminder that your job satisfaction comes from the effort you put into your job and the value you provide to your customers and colleagues.

It's an interesting thought experiment; to break down our daily job roles and descriptions to a fundamental level, and then extract what we offer to the world. A Receptionist can become a Director Of First Impressions, or a HR Administrator a Happiness Co-ordinator.

So going forward, perhaps instead of Phone Shop Manager and/or Technician, we shall now be referred to as Director Of Portishead Centre Of Technology and/or Gadget Surgeon. What do we do? Help people get the most out of technology. Our mission? Maximise the value of every device - because extending the life of a device and increasing its utility for the user is a personal, social, economic and environmental success.

Might sound ambitious (or cringey), but it's certainly motivating and fulfilling.

Something to think about this morning... What's your creative job title?

As a side note, labelling Apple Store Techs as "Geniuses" is a real stretch. No disrespect, just our experience😏😅

Thanks for reading!

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