Automation Is The Future

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AI and are robots replacing labour jobs at an exponential rate across the world.

Here's some cool footage of the pick and place robots doing their thing in the Foxconn factory

And whilst we're here, some interesting facts about this factory:

> All Apple devices are manufactured by Foxconn in China.

> Foxconn employs around 1 million people, and is the third largest private employer in the world, behind Walmart and McDonalds.

> To avoid product leaks, every worker must go through two metal detectors and searches when entering or leaving their production line.

> Every day around 500 people travel from across China and queue up to apply for a job.

> Every production line worker has a simple and repetitive task - with one worker reporting that they had to fit one single screw to an iPhone speaker 1700 times per day.

> Workers live on campus, with 8 workers per room, 20 rooms per floor, and 1 bathroom per floor.

Whilst it doesn't sound like a dream job, they pay better and have better working conditions than most factories in China - about £2 per day. And what may seem like borderline slavery to us, is far better and healthier than the alternative jobs which a lot of workers have transitioned from, such as working in rice farming, sewer diving or prostitution for less than £1 per day.

Monday morning doesn't feel like such a drag anymore, right?

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