Backup, Backup 🕺

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Breaking the bad news to our customers, when their device is:

> Liquid damaged beyond repair

> Lost or stolen

> Pass code forgotten

... And their data isn't retrievable 😭

Phones are replaceable, your photos and notes are not!

In 2021, there is no excuse for not having your data backed up.

Gone are the days of having to manually backup to external hard drives.

Modern smart devices have a ton of options for automatic backups, which will backup your data daily.

Problem is, auto backup is often turned off, or has failed due to an issue with the account.

It's vital to check that your devices are completing regular backups.

This will be the most boring and important 5 minutes of your day.

We recommend the following backup services:

> iCloud for Apple

> Samsung Cloud for Samsung

> Huawei Cloud for Huawei

> OneDrive for Microsoft

> Google Drive for WhatsApp & Photo backups

Eat your vegetables, and do your backups 👊

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