Black Friday 2022 Tech Deals

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It's Black Friday!

You've just been paid, and don't the retailers know it. How many promotional emails and ads have tried desperately to part you from your hard-earned cash so far this morning? Big fat vultures, all of 'em.

Then again, there's like some retail therapy to take your mind off the rising cost of living.

So we've spent the morning browsing tech deals, and found four bargains worth sharing.

> iPhone 14 Pro from Sky. £35 per month is the cheapest that we've seen for a 14 Pro. You then add one of their data plans on top, which start at £6 per month. Again, they have a Black Friday deal on their 60GB package, which is just £15.00 per month. 14 Pro with 60GB of data at £50.00 per month is a tempting deal.

> The new Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen. Smart home devices are actually becoming useful and affordable. You've been defiant to the idea of a creepy robot residing in your home, but at £39.99, it's surely time to just settle down with Alexa.

> The Xbox Series S is for sale on Amazon at just £189.00, which is less than half the price of an Xbox Series X. This is a great budget console to get for Christmas.

> Galaxy Buds2 - £79 from Samsung. Whilst these aren't quite as fancy as the more expensive Buds Pro's, they have excellent sound quality, active noise cancellation, and are water resistant, making them a great value set of ear buds. 

Happy shopping!

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