Powerful Apple Brand

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Here we have some accessories from the Apple store...

Each of which priced at 3-5x more than you'd expect to pay elsewhere for an equivalent product.

Having a luxury brand to leverage over consumers enables a company to sell their products at disproportionately greater prices.

> Consumers automatically associate the brand with superior performance and quality.

> Wealthy, "price-blind" consumers are typically willing to pay for the "best" and/or most convenient option.

> People want to signal their ability to afford premium products because it increases their mate value or bolsters their position in the social hierarchy. 

Would you buy these products?

How much would you be willing to pay for the exact same product in Home Bargains?

What does the Apple logo mean to you?

"Brand" is what you think or feel when you see a Company's name or logo.

A luxury brand is the most powerful type of brand - with the potential for conversion experiences, unquestioning faith, dedication, sacrifice, and the search for salvation.

Apple have a fiercely loyal customer base; an entire subculture built on common consumption patterns.

How does it feel to be part of the Apple cult?
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