Buy a refurbished iPhone for Christmas

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It's that time of year where every one is scurrying around the shops amongst polite and orderly chaos; fighting over Turkeys, buying last minute gifts for their extended family, and spending liberally (or excessively) on things they don't need or want any other time of year; because it's Christmas.

So whilst you're at it, here's 4 reasons to buy a refurbished phone or tablet this holiday season.

> It's significantly cheaper than buying new. Every penny counts between now and January pay day 💰

> Older devices are better value than the newest devices. If it was the cutting edge must-have gadget of 2019, it will probably do fine for checking emails, watching TikToks and taking the occasional selfie in 2021 💁‍♀️

> Recycling and reusing devices is better for the environment. You can feel real good about doing your bit for the planet 🌍

> You get to support a small, local business (like us) - which is always a win 👍

Premium quality, pre-owned devices

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