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If you don't know, CarPlay is a system which allows iPhone users to connect their device to their car's infotainment system. This enables the user to access a range of functions including maps/navigation, calls, messages and music/media playback via their vehicles built-in display, microphone and speakers. This provides seamless integration between phone and car, making it a superior option to the built in infotainment/navigation system, and is several steps beyond simply connecting a phone via Bluetooth. You can now even use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a secure car key.

Most modern cars come fitted with CarPlay. Manufacturers started implementing it around 2017, give or take a couple years.

Android devices use an equivalent system called Android Auto.

Car manufacturers have come round to the idea that their own software sucks, and so have outsourced it to Apple and Google, which has made their vehicles better overall.

The new CarPlay system is expected to go live in 2024. Rather than just occupying the centre console, CarPlay will be able to utilize all built-in screens - essentially turning your car into an Apple car! This concept image gives you an idea of what this will look like - see how you have customisable displays for all your instruments and controls, including the speedometer, RPM, fuel gauge, navigation, media playback and more. Just as you do with your iPhone, CarPlay will enable the user to add widgets to their car, such as calendar, weather and clocks.

Perhaps most importantly, is the additional integration with your cars other systems. You will no longer have to exit CarPlay in order to adjust your seats, climate controls, or radio tuning. You will be able to access these features via the CarPlay interface.

We are perhaps just ten or so updates away from your iPhone driving your car for you!

Upcoming features in 2023 include:
> Upgrades to Maps, which will now support route-planning and multi-stop journeys.
> Fuel apps will be supported, which will allow you to find the cheapest fuel nearby - which is becoming an increasingly desirable feature.
> You can already send messages with voice-to-text, but now Siri will read your message back to you so that you can check if it is okay before sending.
> The ability to pay for fuel from the dashboard.

Tech integration is getting better. But how much control do we want to give to companies like Apple? We look forward to not being able to use our windscreen wipers in the middle of a rainstorm because we have not yet updated to the latest iOS 😂
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