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Your iPhone, laptop, Xbox & Fitbit would not exist without these elements. 

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Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Fibreglass and many other magical materials are also required to create the modern miracles that we call circuit boards. It's quite amazing that we've figured out how to precisely combine so many tiny materials to create insanely powerful computing. From shiny bits of ore from a hole in the jungle, to the iPhone in your pocket. If that isn't alchemy...

We're often asked if old phones have value in precious metals. The answer is yes: if you can separate, melt down and cleanly extract all the materials from your phone, you'll have about 1 dollars worth!

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For a deep dive into the mining, manufacturing and economics behind what goes into your device, check out this article from Vice.

If you're into the chemistry, the National Museum of Scotland will sort you out.

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