How to keep your device clean

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Stop installing apps that "clean" your phone.

Don't get it dirty in the first place, and don't trust the app with a little blue rocket or broom icon that promises to remove junk and speed up your system for free - as if they've figured out how to optimise your operating system better than the people who developed it.

That's not to say that all third-party antivirus and optimisation programs and extensions are useless - just that we see them creating a lot more problems than solutions for our customers.

Here's what to do instead:
> Keep your device updated to the latest software version to keep it running smoothly and protected against malware.
> Keep your built-in protection (e.g Windows Defender) turned on.
> Use two-factor authentication and an encrypted password manager.
> Use common sense: Don't click on dodgy links or grant permissions to sites you don't trust.
> Be very cautious and selective with who and what you're paying for online.
> If your device gets compromised, don't rely on SpeedyCleanPro to fix all of your problems. Change your passwords, run a virus scan, contact your bank, light a candle and pray.
> If your device is slow, it's probably because the hard drive or battery has degraded, the storage is 99% full, or it's simply too old for the job.
> It's your device with your data on it. It's your responsibility to manage the storage and delete anything you don't need or want.

Technology is complex, the internet is vast, and hackers are smart. If you use a phone or computer, you are exposed to some degree, and they'll get you eventually. But if you wash your hands, eat healthy, and avoid kissing sick people, you won't get too ill too often.

Modern devices are pretty good at looking after themselves. You must be cautious and deliberate when doing anything which alters your default settings. If you don't understand what you're doing, stop.

If all of this is over your head or you've gotten yourself in a bit of a pickle, just pop down and see us. Unlike the stupid cleaning apps, we can't supercharge your device's performance by 9000%, and we're not free (with ads), but we know what we're doing and we just want to help.

Thanks for reading!

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