Coffee vs MacBook

by George Lovell | | 0 comments

Customers often ask how long it takes after getting their device wet until it stops working. 

This is a MacBook we've had in this morning that had some coffee spilt on it. 

Our customer bought this in within minutes of it happening. 

Upon inspection, there wasn't much liquid inside. 

Yet you can see in the photo how quickly corrosion sets in when there's voltage running through the device. 

Here's what to do if your device comes in contact with liquid:
> Turn it off - disconnect the battery if you can
> Do not plug it in to charge - it'll be wet inside for at least another 48 hours
> Take it to a repair centre so that it can be stripped and cleaned, before testing, diagnostics and further repair or data recovery
> If repaired, back up your data, as it may develop faults in the future
> Rice is great for eating, not so great at fixing electronics

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