Custom wraps and talking AI

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Our signature carbon fibre wrap on a Google Pixel 6; with some extra cuts on the sides to make the phone more grippy.

With so many different models available, and more being released all the time, good luck stocking cases and screen protectors. That's why we freshly print, cut and fit high quality screen guards & skins for your phone, tablet or smartwatch in-store.

Did you know there are more than 24,000 different models for Android? That's equivalent to releasing a new model every day for 66 years.

There's currently around 3 billion active Android devices worldwide. That's equivalent to 43 for every person in the UK.

This particular phone; the Pixel 6; has integrated artificial intelligence via Google's Tensor chip. Machine learning capabilities improve performance in several functions. The device learns to better interpret speech and translate language in real time. When taking photos, this phone can recognise and correct blurry faces and even remove photo bombs, like an instant photoshop.

In just a matter of years, every one will carry a piece of artificial intelligence in their pocket. Technology that learns and adapts. Pretty neat.

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