Dec 23

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It's Christmas Eve Eve.

It's pay day.

It's the busiest day in supermarkets.

It's present-wrapping day for Mum and present-buying day for Dad.

It's send best wishes to extended family day.

It's the 3rd shortest day of the year.

For some, it's the last day of work in 2022.

Then there's us: Just three wise men doing the Lords work.

Non-stop iPhone Battery Replacements & iPad Charging Port Repairs to keep us going today and tomorrow.

Keep 'em coming... We're saving up to buy a Turkey crown.
(it doesn't serve 6-8 btw)

Phone stocks are running low, and there's only a few repair slots remaining: Visit Our Store

A portion of all proceeds goes towards feeding hungry technicians this Christmas.

Thanks for reading!

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