Early teardowns of the iPhone 13 indicate that this is Apples most anti-repair device yet

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In their bid to destroy third-party repair and maximize revenue, the Company has introduced the following new restrictions:

- Replacing the front camera causes the camera to glitch.

- Replacing front sensor flex disables auto brightness, front portrait and cinematic modes.

- Replacing the screen will disable Face ID.

- Swapping the board, battery, screen and cameras will result in error messages, and cause the front camera to become unstable.

At this rate, its only a a matter of time until replacing the SIM tray or removing a screw will brick the device 😅

Imagine taking your car to get new tires at a 3rd party repair shop and, upon completion of the job, the seats no longer recline, the windshield wipers don't work, and the air con doesn't function - at which point the manufacturer suggests that you have to buy a new car.

You can no longer own an iPhone. Instead, you pay a fortune to rent a device until you're forced into getting the next one 😒

The direction that Apple has taken in recent years with regard to privacy, consumer rights, product quality and environmental sustainability is stunningly bad.

Great business model though, apparently🤷‍♂️

See: Right to Repair

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