New Galaxy Z Flip, Z Fold and Watch

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The first mobile phones were bricks.

Immense innovation, investment, research and development resulted in smaller devices year-on-year, until eventually our mobile phones were small and foldable. 

Further innovation increased the utility of phones, giving us increasingly more capable devices year-on-year, with bigger screens for better usability. Consequently, phones were once again too big to fit into one's pocket.

Now, with even further innovation, phones are becoming small and foldable again.

Sometimes technology must commit to exploring and maxing out one path before circling back to progress on another. The end result is a "perfect" product. The best of both worlds.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Fold 4 are both slimmer and lighter than their predecessors, and feature a much improved camera system.

More notable are the software upgrades.

Android 12L is a new OS which has been specifically designed and optimised for Folds - enabling users to open full-screen apps in pop up windows, or split the screen in to two for multitasking. It's like a mini PC.

The Flip now allows users to make calls, reply to texts, access wallet, unlock cars and control home gadgets without flipping the device open.

The Flip is available in 75 bespoke colour combinations, which is pretty neat!

The Flip starts at $999.99. The Fold starts at $1799.99. At this price, you might expect the Fold to have equivalent or better specs than the S22 Ultra - but it doesn't. You are paying more for the fancy design - which may actually be worth it for some users, such as mobile gamers, or workers that travel without a tablet or laptop.

Given our love of the flip phone and their undeniable utility, it would be unfair to label the Galaxy Z Flip/Fold as a fad or gimmick. It would be better to view each iteration as a step towards the ultimate smartphone. We love to see companies pushing the boundaries of consumer tech with futuristic products that you can actually go out and buy (if you can afford it).

Here comes the competition: The Google Pixel Fold is rumoured to be coming soon. Things are about to get interesting.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 just dropped, and with a bigger battery and a body temperature sensor.

Wearables are starting to get their act together - soon to become a key personal possession for everyone and their uncle, just like our phones did in the previous decade.

More importantly, these look awesome. Regardless of how much you adore your Apple Watch, it will never come close to the Galaxy Watch in terms of aesthetics.
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