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In other news, Android 12 is due to be released alongside the Google Pixel 6 in September, and is currently available in beta for some devices.

It looks real nice👏 Some of our notable features:

> Material You - A refreshed interface with more clean and attractive visuals. New customisation features enable the user to create a more colour coordinated layout. There's some new, better-looking widgets available too!😍

We think it looks very good. It's got all the fun customisation of android, with more cohesiveness like iOS, and a dash of those old BlackBerry themes.

> New privacy settings enable the user to see and change exactly what each app on the phone has access to. You can also set approximate location tracking. This is great because you can still access local news and weather without sharing your exact location.

> Car Key - enables the user to unlock and open their car just by having the phone in their pocket. You can also share digital access to your vehicle - allowing you to lend your car to a friend for a period of time without giving them a physical key. Pretty cool👀

> Improvements to nearby share - You can now share Wi-Fi passwords with other Android users nearby. It looks like they're getting closer to AirDrop on iOS, which Apple got right from the start.

Get a look at Android 12 in this video

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