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The most crucial aspect of game console repair? Thorough testing😁

From the creators of the N64, Game Boy, DS, and Wii, comes the Switch - the worlds first hybrid console, which enables the user to connect a handheld console to a TV. Released by Nintendo in 2017, the Switch has sold over 107 million units - meaning it is closing in on the Game Boy, but is still a long way behind the best-selling Nintendo DS.

Physically damaged charging ports and game card readers are commonplace on Nintendo Switches, particularly those operated by impatient children. But what we often see are short circuits which cause the charging circuit, game card reader, fan, or joy-cons to fail - through no fault of the user.

PlayStation and Xbox HDMI ports are about as fragile as Taylor Swifts heart, and may as well be fixed to the board with Donald Trumps hair. One yank of the cable and it's good night gamers. We suspect that this occurs so frequently due to kids moving their consoles from one room to another, from Mums house to Dads house, or to a friends house. Be very gentle, and avoid removing the cable from the back of the console. Also, never remove the HDMI cable whilst the console is switched on, as this can blow a component called the Redriver.

Some of these repairs can be a challenging puzzle - a bit of a game in itself. Each success is aptly satisfying, and as we gain more XP, we continue to level up!
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