Good luck buying PC parts

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Recent Chromebook sales have just been announced, and have actually decreased for the first time.

Not surprising, as it's hard to even find one to buy at the moment.

We think this is likely due to the global shortage of computer parts. It makes sense for manufacturers to focus their limited resources on their high-end (Windows) laptops, as they make a higher profit margin on these devices compared to budget (Chromebook) laptops.

Why the parts shortage?

Covid has of course had a huge impact all the way down the supply chain. Increased manufacturing and shipping costs have also pushed the price of parts up.

Demand for high-end devices has increased due to the growth in eSports and streaming.

Demand for computers in general have increased because more workers and students need laptops for remote working and learning.

Cryptocurrency mining is largely responsible for the shortage of GPUs (graphic cards), with miners purchasing multiple units to create Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies. Around 25% of GPUs sold are used in crypto mining.

The shortage of complex computing components is affecting many other industries, such as the automotive industry. New high-end cars use extremely complex PCBs; for climate control, braking assistance, self-driving, lighting etc.

The short supply and increasing prices of phones, tablets, computers and other technology is set to continue for the foreseeable future 😓

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