Helping People With Technology - Pandemic Or Not

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Day 3 of project COVID: The sun is out and we're keeping busy!🌞 Our drop-off and return system is allowing people to get their devices repaired same-day with zero physical contact, including one elderly lady who's phone had died and was left unable to access her community WhatsApp group or speak to family and friends.

You can submit an appointment request by filling out our dedicated bookings form:

We are still able to source a majority of parts, and are well stocked up on most items, including basic Nokias and pay as you go SIM cards, which have been in high demand for customers that want a spare phone for their elderly parents.

The shop is closed, with one person locked inside, so that we can continue to work and provide our services whilst self-isolating. Everything that comes through or goes out of our door is systematically cleaned and sanitised.

If you need some help or advice with something simple, just give us a call, email or live chat and we'll try and get it sorted together.

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