Here's to the full-timers 🍻

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2021 has been and gone. January was four months ago, and we skipped Autumn all together. It's difficult to contemplate the speed at which time is passing by.

It's been over a year since the UK vaccine rollout, 14 months since the presidential election, 28 weeks since the start of the Euros...

The Earth is spinning on its on its axis more quickly than it has done in decades. Therefore, the days are a bit shorter this year - about 0.05 milliseconds per day to be precise.

Then there's the fact that the years go by faster as we get older. At 10, a year is 10% of your life. At 50, it's just 2%. Things also tend to become more routine and predictable, and we have less novel experiences. We discard more and more information because it's not unique. This can lead to time feeling like it has accelerated.

Or perhaps the ongoing pandemic has altered our perception of time, causing the days and weeks to blend together in a blurry and monotonous routine. This in contrast with 2020, which was an ongoing and seemingly never-ending storm of events that upended everyone's lives, for better or worse.

It was short, but we've enjoyed it.

Best wishes to all of our friends and customers that have enabled us to keep going for yet another year! 🙌❤

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