Here's what Apple announced at their March event this year

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Green iPhone 13's (pictured)
Very nice. But if i'd just bought an iPhone 13, I'd be disappointed that this colour wasn't available since its initial release in September.

iPhone SE 5G
The third generation SE (Special Edition) iPhone. An upgraded version of the SE 2020 - which was an upgraded version of the iPhone 8. The main difference here, is the implementation of 5G connectivity, and the faster A15 processor, which the iPhone 13 series uses.

iPad Air 5
Again, the Air now has 5G, and like the iPad Pro, now has the faster M1 processor. Then, it's usual improvements across the board with camera, display and USB speed.

M1 Ultra Chip
Okay this is actually pretty cool. This is essentially two M1 Max chips connected to form one super powerful chip. 128GB unified memory (essentially combined RAM from the CPU & GPU). A 20 core CPU, and 64GB GPU. A 32 core neural engine capable of 22 trillion operations per second. All of this delivered with just 60 watts of power consumption, making it extremely energy efficient. Initial benchmark tests are very impressive.

Mac Studio
A high power, compact desktop computer. The highest spec Mac Studio with M1 Ultra 8TB SSD will cost $8000.

Mac Display
A 27" 5K studio display. 218 pixels per inch. Six-speaker sound system. Looks pretty tidy.

You can see the products in a slightly cheesy 11 minute summary of the event here.

(Science guy delivers an iconic performance at 2:15)

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