"How long will you need my phone for?"

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By far, the most common question asked by our customers. Way more so that "How much will it cost?". Whilst some people seem happy to leave their phones with us indefinitely, many of our customers seem to develop intense feelings of anxiety and hopelessness at the thought of being without their phone for 45 minutes.

This is understandable. We use our phones for everything. Therefore, every one asks if they can jump the repair queue because they need their phone for work or school, or they have a family member in the hospital. What they don't know is that the three customers before them also said the same thing. Every one needs their phone all the time.

Increasingly common is the amount of people that need their phones to measure their blood sugar values with their phones by scanning a device implanted in their arm. Tesla drivers need their phones to unlock their cars, and good luck using public transport without an app. A lot of people don't carry a wallet, so cannot pay for anything without their phone. Then there's the small matter of not being able to travel (or do anything normal really) without your vaccine passport. And god forbid we should have to sit in a waiting room without scrolling.

This is where having a spare phone or separate work/personal phone really pays off. A tablet or laptop can be just as useful or better for most things. Having your partner or colleagues phone set up with any key notes and apps can be a life saver if you lose or break your phone.

Our question for you to ponder today is, are you overly reliant on one device? How could you mitigate the problems that would arise if you lost your phone?

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