How Smartphone Have Change Our Lives

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On average, we use/check our phones 58 times, for a total of 3.5 hours.

We've cast our minds back a few years to come up with a few things that were much harder before smartphones:

> Navigation. If you didn't have one of those massive road atlases in your car, you'll remember having to plan and print off your journey in advance, or taking a wrong turn and having to stop to ask a stranger for directions.

> Math teachers telling us that we won't always have a calculator to hand.

> Having to dig around for a physical takeaway menu, and having to call the restaurant and try to pronounce the dishes.

> Having to carry around a separate MP3 player, limited to the music you've bought and downloaded in advance.

> Needing to take a camera on holiday if you wanted anything better than a blurry 1 megapixel pic.

> For the older generation - When you were meeting up with a friend, you had to set an exact time and location.

> Sitting on public transport or waiting for a haircut was extremely boring.

> Going out to play as a kid, being unreachable, untraceable, just knowing you had to be home by dark.

> Having a heated debate with your mates and not being able to look it up on Google to see who's right.

How have smartphones made things more "convenient" for you?

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