Apple unveils iOS 16

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The headline feature is the customisable lock screen, which will allow users to pick from a selection of fonts and colours, and add widgets to their lock screen. Notifications now roll up from the bottom, and you can link different focus modes with different lock screens.

Other changes and upgrades include:

> Some much-needed and long overdue improvements to the Mail App.

> Improvements to iMessage - you'll be glad to know that you can now undo and edit sent messages.

> Lots of functional and aesthetic improvements to the Home app.

> Apple Maps now allows you to add stops to your journey. Google Maps still king though.

> A dedicated medications section within the Health app, which enables the user to set reminders for their meds.

> You can now use the Fitness app to track activity (steps and calories burned) without an Apple Watch.

> Seamless voice-to-text dictation - this looks sweet in the demo.

> The "live text" feature now works on videos as well as photos - you can select text from a video, and instantly look up or translate it.

> Instant photoshop - isolate a subject from the background, then drag-and-drop into another app - neat!

You can get a good look at all of these features in this 8 minute video from MacRumours.

iOS 16 is currently limited to developers, but will be available for public beta in July, before being officially released alongside the iPhone 14 in September. This gives Apple a few months to test and refine the new features.

The following devices will no longer be supported, and will not be compatible with iOS 16:

> iPhone 6S & 6S Plus
> iPhone SE (2016)
> iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
> iPad Mini 4
> iPad Air 2
> Apple Watch Series 3

These devices will run as normal on iOS 15, but will not receive any new features or design changes. App developers will stop releasing updates for these devices over time. They will, however, continue receiving security patches for approximately 2 more years.

The 6S has soldiered on admirably with 7 years of software updates, and is ready to be put to rest. It's a tad surprising and disappointing to see the iPhone 7 go - seeing as the iPad 5 and 6 will continue on with the same A10 processor. We still sell and repair a lot of iPhone 7's, but expect most users will upgrade this year. If you're still rocking a 6S or 7, and choose to upgrade to an 11, 12, 13 or 14, then you'll be blown away by how far phones have come.

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