iPhone 11 Launch

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The official launch of the iPhone 11 was yesterday.

Apple announced three new iPhone models; the 11 (the "budget" model), 11 Pro (the premium model) and 11 Pro Max (the slightly bigger premium model). You can find the best summary and comparison of these models here:
A significant portion of the launch was dedicated to Apple TV+ and their subscription services. It seems that Apples business model is becoming more focused on tying customers in to their expensive hardware via their subscription services.

The iPhone 11 will be available in the UK for pre-order on September 13th, and officially released on September 20th.
How much will it cost? One of the expected implications of Brexit is the increased price of technology, and this is already reflected in the price of the iPhone 11 series, which will be inflated by approximately £20.00-£50.00.
The iPhone 11 will start at £729.00, the iPhone 11 Pro at £1049.00, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at £1149.00.

The most expensive option will be the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB, which will set you back a mere £1499.00 😅

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