iPhone touch IC transfer

by George Lovell | | 0 comments

Here we are transferring a chip between iPhone screens. A fairly simple, but unnecessary and time consuming job.

In todays news: Apple back down on disabling Face ID on iPhone 13.

Until now, a simple screen swap on the iPhone 13 would permanently break Face ID, unless this chip was transferred onto the new screen.

This is one of the many methods Apple was using to discourage repair and maximise profit.

However, the company have been under fire in the press, and under pressure from governing bodies such as the EU. Consequently, Apple have announced that they will patch this in a future software update.

This is good - it means we can still get screen repairs done within an hour, as appose to four.

Unfortunately, we do still get the annoying message: "Unable to verify if this iPhone has a genuine Apple display", if we don't swap the chip, but we can at least keep the price and turnaround time down.

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