It's the end of an era

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Canadian tech company BlackBerry have now ceased supporting all of their old devices. Everything, from calls and messaging to internet and apps will no longer function on legacy devices running BlackBerry OS. Newer BlackBerry devices run on Android, and will continue to be supported.

BlackBerry has all but abandoned the mobile phone industry in recent years. The company struggled to adapt and keep up with iOS and Android. The hard QWERTY keyboards, instant messaging and professional branding made them very popular in the 2000's. Unfortunately the Company failed to recognise the importance of touch screens and apps until it was too late, and continued to double-down on the corporate device for the business user.

This is a good business move, as it will allow the Company to drop what's not working, and focus on their core business; where they have a strong foothold; and provide a valuable service - security and encryption; in vehicles, devices and AI. Blackberry have outstanding security software and services. The company currently provides cybersecurity tools to large organisations, including Amazon and the US government! They BlackBerry IVY is a new system installed in cars and autonomous vehicles that can analyse driver patterns and behaviour, access routes and weather in real-time, and provide information and alternative routes based on traffic and weather.

BlackBerry were the first to properly integrate mobile phones into the business world by enabling users to work and use email efficiently from their phone; with a quality, tactile keyboard. The ultra secure instant messaging was one of several BlackBerry innovations that advanced the mobile phone industry. And they've always been renowned for their security.

Whether you had a Bold or a Curve with a multi-colour LED light for notifications, you'll have fond memories of asking friends for their BBM Pin, playing Brick Breaker on the bus, and blowing people's minds with the fact that you could respond to an email on your phone.

Fun Fact: The name "BlackBerry" came from the look and feel of the keyboard, with the buttons reminiscent of the drupes of a blackberry.

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