Lazy Repairs

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No-one ever got great results from being lazy.

Here's 4 common ways that repair shops cut corners on the basic repairs:

1. Failure to remove residual adhesive, re-shape and file corners on the housing or frame.
This results in a poor fit, increased susceptibility to damage and may cause components to separate over time.

2. Skipping post-repair checks.
It's important to fully test a device after repair, to ensure that everything is working, aligned and connected.

3. Not transferring non-essential components over.
Too often do we see plates and screws left out, and foam pads missing off connectors. Every single bit inside a device is in there for a reason, and failure to put them back can have an impact on performance and functionality. We have heaps of spare screws, components and discarded devices to harvest little bits from.

4. Not replacing non-essential adhesive and gaskets.

A lot of devices will work perfectly well without some of the adhesive that was originally holding it together. A water-resistant device that has been damaged or opened will never again have a fresh-out-the-factory seal... but applying new adhesive and keeping the rubber gaskets will ensure it fits nicely and is better protected against water and dust. We have a collection of different tapes and glues, and they all have their place.

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