Tales from the leaflet boy

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Just some observations, having done a few leaflet campaigns, several years apart, in Portishead and surrounding areas.

  • I wasn't surprised to see a lot of Teslas on driveways because the roads are jam-packed with them every morning. I was surprised by how many people have charging stations. Just a few years ago, no one had a charging station installed in their home. There are a ton of electric vehicles that don't look like they're electric. I don't see many people charging their cars in public stations in Portishead compared to Bristol - perhaps because renters in the City can't have one installed at home.

  • A well-kept lawn is beautiful in the summertime, but many people have recently seen the advantage of artificial grass. Some look considerably better than others though.

  • Speaking of outdoing your neighbours, the fancy front doors with luxury hardwood and stainless steel handles are the new way to stand out on the homogenous housing estate. The rather outdated and unaesthetic letterbox has been relegated to the bottom of the door or relocated to a separate box on the side. The latter is certainly preferable for the spinally-fatigued mailman.

  • I wish I'd invented the Ring Doorbell, and I can see why Amazon paid $1 billion to acquire them in 2018.  

  • Everyone in Portishead used to have a dog. Everyone in Portishead still has a dog. Or two.

  • The new developments are deeper and more dense than you think.

  • The High Street might be dead but everyone has a stack of Amazon Prime parcels waiting for them when they get home. This was the case before, but the stacks are getting larger.

I wonder if 2027 will be any different...
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