Local Collection & Return Service

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For mobile phone, tablet and laptop repairs.

Restrictions continue to be lifted, and people are clearly eager to get out and see people - even if it's just running errands.

That being said, demand for same-day local collection and delivery services is still high, because it's a very efficient and convenient way to check-off a task whilst supporting a local business.

It's evident that a large proportion of the workforce will continue to work from home and/or on more flexible hours. We think this is one aspect of the evolution and re-structuring of the economy that was inevitable, and simply expedited by the pandemic. This increased flexibility, coupled with a huge influx of small start-up ventures, seems to correlate with demand for flexible business services - such as same-day local delivery.

Many of our local businesses have implemented collection and delivery systems through necessity due to lockdown, but will continue to offer it because it's been so well received and appreciated by the community.

Now that the necessary systems for ordering, payment and logistics are in place, local independent business can maintain a key advantage in competing against large online retailers.

We've updated our system to operate by zones and towns, instead of distance. This keeps things a bit simpler. You can still book collection, return or both.

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