Love is in the cloud

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Ah Valentines Day... A 1700 year old pagan tradition that commemorates the death of a Christian Saint. The one day out the year that you can unashamedly uncover your inner romantic by allocating time and money to prove your appreciation for someone.

Whether you and your beloved are enjoying a nice Italian dinner in the city, or just grabbing a coffee together on your lunch break, there's one simple hack that scientists have discovered that will enrich your experience and enhance your connection with your partner: In-person communication and connection is greatly enhanced by the absence of screens.

There's nothing worse than than making plans with people that won't give you their attention because they're lost in their phone. You don't have to catch up on every post, or photograph, filter, edit, caption and post every dish or drink as it arrives. Your food is getting cold, and your dates patience is becoming thin. #DinnerDate #LiveLaughLove

As Saint Valentine himself once famously said, "put your damn phone away for 5 minutes will you".

Here's 3 things you can try:

> Make a rule that neither of you can use your phone during a meal.

> Utilise "Do Not Disturb" or "Focus Mode" on your phone, so that you can silence all notifications other than emergency calls.

> If out for a meal with a group of friends, put all of your phones face down on the table. The first person to grab their phone has to pay the bill. This can be a nightmare if someone spills a drink, but luckily your local Talkback Comms specialises in liquid damage repair.

Or perhaps your appetite vastly exceeds your charm and social skills, so you (I) single-handedly (and quite happily) take advantage of the 2 Dine For £15 deal at Sainsburys, (there's no way that cheesecake serves 2 anyway) - in which case the phone, laptop and TV can all run simultaneously in a glutinous sensory overload.

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