Do mobile phone masts cause disease?

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You may remember this story from exactly two years ago. Mobile phone masts set on fire by conspiracists, claiming a link between the mobile technology and Covid-19. Never did you expect to see the government having to assure the public that 5G is not increasing the spread of a virus. Whilst the whole debacle was both stupid and dangerous, it was also rather hilarious to watch, in what was an otherwise harrowing time period.

One step down on the wild conspiracy ladder, is the claim that mobile phone masts cause or contribute to the growth of cancer. The theory suggests that electromagnetic waves and radiation can damage DNA, which increases a persons cancer risk. However, there is no scientific evidence to support any link between mobile technology and cancer.

Mobile phones emit low radio frequency energy, which is very weak. 2G, 3G and 4G devices emit in the 0.7-2.7 GHz (Gigahertz) frequency range. 5G uses a frequency range of 24-47Ghz. These frequencies are on the non-ionizing range of the frequency spectrum - meaning they cannot ionize (remove an electron from) atoms or molecules.

This radiation, is actually lower on the spectrum than visible light (see the infographic). That's right, you're exposed to higher energy radiation by colour and light, than by your mobile phone - about 100,000 times more actually.     

X-rays, cosmic rays and gamma rays emit ionizing radiation, which is high frequency, high energy. An X-ray emits radiation that is millions of times more powerful than that of your mobile phone.

In addition to this, several epidemiological studies have found no statistically significant correlation between exposure to mobile phone masts and cancer risk. Furthermore, there is currently no public health data which suggests that mobile phones, microwaves or radio waves cause any biological damage or illness. 

People who believe and spread these conspiracies often cannot understand the science, and typically back up their arguments with vague and non-scientific explanations. Granted, companies do have a history of covering up any negative side effects caused by their products. 5G though, is not one of those cases. 

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