A milestone week at Talkback

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On the week that the mercury dips into the mid 30's (that's 93°F for the boomers out there👵), we reflect on our past 7 days in numbers...
> Our 100th Google review is literally a cracker (pictured), and solidifies us as the 5-star phone shop ⭐️

> We help 2 apprehensive elderly customers get to grips with their first smartphones 🧓
> More than 50% of customers purchasing a new device have elected to trade in their old one ♻️
> Over 3000 invaluable photos & videos recovered from a water-damaged device 🥳
> 25 screen protectors sold 💰
> 8 donuts, 6 apples, 1 box of chocolates and 4 beers gifted by awesome customers 🍻
> £28 spent just on tape/adhesive for repairs 😒
> (An estimated) 95% of customers needing their device repaired ASAP because they are going on holiday tomorrow or have a relative in hospital ✈️
> 0 workplace accidents, injuries or lawsuits 😅
Wear sun cream, drink water, and have a great weekend friends ☀️
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